About Fishing

For a long time the most important methods of searching food resources were hunting, fishing, and gathering edible fruits and plants. In ancient times people settled near the water, near rivers and sea coasts. Therefore, fishing has become one of the main conditions in the struggle for existence.

Scientists do not know how exactly the Neolithic people fished in the old days. But the archaeological findings collected on the site of the Neolithic settlements indicate that the mankind already knew such fishing attributes as spears, tridents and primitive hooks made of stone or bone. Lakes, seas, and rivers kept huge food reserves: crawfishes, mollusks, seals, and of course, different kinds of fish.

A fishing rod, in the form we used to see it, appeared much later. About 30 thousand years ago, in the Neolithic Age, the first hooks were made of stone and carved from animal bones. Hooks most likely were attached to a fishing line, which was made from the veins of different animals or plants.

Thus, fishing is a very old occupation. Most likely, it exists since the very birth of mankind. And, in any case, fishing helped humanity to survive and save its kind in a very difficult environment for survival.

In ancient China, about 200 years BC silk fishing lines and iron hooks began to be used in fishing. In Europe, hooks made of iron began to be used only in the middle of the Iron Age, that is, much later.

The first written document on fishing as a sport was published in England in 1496, ” A treatise on fishing with a hook.” The treatise is written by the abbess of the monastery Juliana Berners and is devoted to the f fishing as the “best sport” for a gentleman. Juliana Berners urges respectful attitude to other fishes, not to spoil their gear, and not to catch where other people’s gear is already installed.

The scientific and technological revolution of the 19th century with its mass production led to the improvement of fishing equipment. The widest categories of the population were able to join the fishing sport, not only aristocrats and nobles. Fishing sport, which arose out of “noble hunting” has become widespread.

Ironically, until the end of the 19th century in European countries, the fishing lines were made of horsehair. Later, there were lines of linen and cotton threads, and then – from silk threads, impregnated with oil. In the early 1900s spinning reels appeared on the market, which were also called “Nottinghams”.

Talking about the improvement of fishing, we cannot fail to mention the development of fishing boats. For sport fishing, completely new types of boats were designed, such as reinforced PVC inflatable boats.

The fishing sport has taken a truly massive scale in our time. Fishermen of different countries of the world unite in fishing clubs, create their bases and communities. In many countries, mass fishing competitions are organized, which involve thousands of new fans to this sport.

Nowadays fishing is a kind of active recreation, a source of positive emotions, a mass sport, and a way of communicating with nature.




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