Responsible Fishing

Fishing maybe pretty an exciting activity whether you are going for recreational or commercial fishing. However as you head to the pond with your fishing rod you need to have in mind that you need to exercise responsibility as you engage in your fishing activities. Being responsible while fishing simply involves ensuring that you reduce the chances of creating a negative impact to the environment as you fish. Below is a summary of some of the factors that you may need to consider when it comes fishing responsibly.

· Keep your Equipment Intact

To fish responsibly you will need to ensure that you keep all your fishing gear intact. Losing sinkers during fishing can cause unpleasant effects to animals within your fishing environment. This is because most of the time animals mistake these sinkers for food thus being left with negative health effects caused by the toxic elements contained in the sinkers. With that fishermen should ensure that they retrieve all lost sinkers during fishing or go the option of purchasing non–toxic sinkers that are not harmful to animals.

· Avoid Littering

Other than avoiding to leave the fishing gear behind it is also important to ensure that you don’t litter around as you fish. Some of the litter you should avoid dropping around your fishing zone include beer bottles and lure packages because they make the water dirty thus posing a risk to wildlife around the area. On this you should also ensure that you dispose off oil safely to avoid introducing harmful species in the water body.

· Stay Knowledgeable

Before you get on a fishing trip you should ensure that you are thoroughly educated on what to expect as you fish. For instance you may want to know the kind of weather conditions to expect for you to be able to prepare for the trip appropriately. You will also need to be conversant with using the fishing equipment you have. On this you should also ensure that you are prepared with all your fishing tools, spares and a spill kit. If your fishing activities will involve passing through private property it’s important to ensure that you seek permission from the landowner to avoid getting into conflict with them later on.

· Be Careful when Catching and Releasing

If you are engaging in the catching and releasing kind of fishing you should ensure that you exercise maximum care while handling the fish. For instance you should see to it that you use barbless hooks to avid injuring the fish while capturing them. You should also avoid keeping them out of the water for a long duration because keeping the fish out of the water for too long will make them pretty exhausted.


If you are aspiring to be a responsible fisher man the above given tips will help you be responsible in all your fishing sessions. Practicing responsible fishing habits will help keep the fishing grounds in a good state even in the years to come. To ensure safety you should avoid fishing in the sensitive areas such as streams and wetlands. Lastly ensure that all your fishing equipment is in good condition before you set on the fishing trip.




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